Babysitting CPR Course

  Need a Babysitting CPR Course?

It doesn't matter if it is a daycare or that parent next door who offers babysitting services, knowing and having infant / pediatric CPR training isn't optional. Parents and guardians entrust their most precious possession to the care of people who run daycares or who offer babysitting services. They also trust that in the worst-case scenario, those people will also take every step they can to help. If you need to get training for your daycare staff, or if you are someone who needs to take a babysitting CPR course, then let me help.


At Learn Heart Love CPR Training, I offer courses from basic CPR to infant / pediatric CPR training, and yes I also do a babysitting CPR course. Our children, all of our children, rely on us for guidance and protection. They turn to us for answers and education, and in the scariest moments, they will look to us for help. That is the kind of help you will learn, parents expect, and that our children deserve. Call or email for questions or to get signed up for the next class now.


If you work with children or around children then these are skills you should know. if you are are a parent, grandparent or guardian, these are life-saving skills you want. I hope you never need to use CPR on a child, but we all need to be prepared if we ever do.