CPR Classes

CPR Classes for When it Counts

We live busy lives and it seems that we are always on the go, but there are a few things in life that we need to make time for, like life. Sometimes, that might look like getting skills and training to save a life. Yes, we are talking about CPR classes and finding CPR classes near me, just in case. It isn't a simple ten-minute detour from your day, but it isn't a great deal of time either, and it just might save a life.


The good news is CPR classes and in particular, finding CPR classes near me is probably much easier than you think. People who train CPR and other life-saving techniques understand how important these tools can be. They also understand that many people, as we mentioned, don't have typical nine-to-five schedules (does anyone today?), so they have ongoing training and classes.


As someone who has dedicated their life to helping others save lives with CPR and other life support training, I have scheduled the Learn Heart Love CPR Training classes with that idea in mind. With regular certification and CPR training throughout the year and with dates posted well in advance it affords my attendees time to schedule training.


Yes, it will take a bit more than a few minutes of your time, but not much more. Anything from a few to several hours will generally cover most class durations, and how much time is too much time to learn the skills you might one day need to save a life?


For more information about life support training, CPR questions, or other certifications contact me at the Learn Heart Love CPR Training page or stop by our facility to get signed up. When it counts, saving lives is what CPR is all about.