Can you locate an AED?

A Save on Spirit Passengers give CPR, use AED to restart heart Katherine Yombik was on board Spirit Airlines Flight 801 waiting for departure from Detroit Metro Airport on March 13, when she heard someone yell out to call 911. A man had collapsed on the plane. Passenger Jeff Kruger said the man, sitting in the seat in front of him, was not moving. "He was completely unresponsive, head tilted, jaw open, not breathing properly," Kruger said. "You could just tell something was wrong." Yombik, a nurse from Michigan, was one of the first passengers to answer the call for help. “Someone said 'call 911' and we went back and the guy is unresponsive and (had) no pulse so we pulled him out and started

My NEW I teach life saving skills

I’m 60 yrs old, an average woman in fairly good health who until recently was able to easily chase my 6 young grandsons around the yard and walk the dog a mile each afternoon. I am the face of a woman with Heart disease, and I did not know it. No real symptoms that jolted me. Just minor discomforts that pushed me to get a stress test. My cardiologist asked if I am still working. When I told him I am an Instructor of CPR/AED, he chuckled and said you can’t make this stuff up. In America, in 2016, there were more than 350,000 out of hospital sudden cardiac arrests with a 12% survival rate. With proper training and encouragement to be a responder and not just a bystander we can increase the suc

The Importance of stepping up; hands only CPR works

(as published by the AHA in goals for 2020), Bystander CPR is a potentially lifesaving procedure that can be performed by community members without equipment or professional credentials. Although bystander CPR plus early defibrillation can more than double the rate of survival from Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, the number of OHCA victims who receive bystander CPR remains between 10% and 65%. Recent evidence suggests that chest compression–only CPR is no less effective than traditional CPR when performed by bystanders for adult victims of cardiac arrest in the out-of-hospital setting. How we can get there: Training, Training, Training. It never hurts to be prepared, we want to help Bystan

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