Why we want everyone to learn CPR

Brothers, Age 7 and 10, Perform CPR to Save Grandmother in Cardiac Arrest Grayson, left, and Kian Chatterson Wu are being credited with saving their grandmother's life. (CBC) It was a Saturday night and seven-year-old Grayson Wu said that he knew something was wrong with his grandma when he asked for a snack and she didn't answer. "So I looked over and she was, like..." he said. "Unconscious, on the couch," interjects 10-year-old Kian Wu, rolling his head back and opening his mouth wide to illustrate. "She looked really dead," adds Grayson. "Spit was going back into her mouth. She was grunting a little." He makes a gurgling sound. It was Nov. 10 and the brothers were having a sleepover at th

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