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* American Heart Association dose not endorse this website. Classes and training materials satisfy the certification requirements and are the intellectual property of the AHA. Certification cards are issued through the American Heart Association. 

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My name is Rosemarie F. Williams -  owner of Learn Heart Love CPR training and an authorized certified Independent CPR/AED/First Aid instructor through the American Heart Association. 


I am a heart attack and Triple Bypass Survivor and a 2021 American Heart Walk Honoree.


Teaching health and safety classes inspires me to inspire others. I want my students to not only know how to perform life saving skills 'by the book', but I want them to know the best practices and the reasons we do what we do when helping others.


I want to inspire you to be a responder, not a bystander.

It is just as important to know how to recognize heart disease and what you might be able to do to avoid it.

Thank you for reviewing this site and considering my classes. I look forward to meeting you.

Ms. Rosemarie F. W.

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